PA State Convention, Harrisburg, PA 2017
Usual Suspects Mens Retreat, Dixon, TN, 2007

Jerry J. and Sandy B., including multiple sessions of Q-and-A

Mark H. and Joe H., Big Book Study, 2003

Mark H. and Joe H. walk through the entire big book, Prescott, AZ, 2003

Bob D. 2003

Bob D. from Las Vegas Nevada speaking at the "How to recover from a spiritual malady" weekend seminar in Fresno, CA

Peter M. and Chris S. - Step Workshop - Minneapolis, MN, 2008

Peter M. from Union, NJ and Chris S. from New Vernon, NJ doing a workshop on their personal experience with working the steps in Minneapolis, MN


Soothing background music for your meditation practice. There are subtle bells at every 5 minute interval.

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